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For many people, that first cup of coffee in the morning is the only way to start the day. But coffee has also become a vital part of the rest of the day — as an aid to digestion after meals, as a pick-me-up at work, or simply as a special treat at the end of a shopping trip. Coffee is equally revered in every country, but the ways in which it is enjoyed are often completely different. In the past few years, typical Italian cafes, cool American coffee shops, and cozy Viennese coffee houses have spread their coffee culture and established a cult around this everyday beverage. Continue reading »

Battered Fish

This recipe of battered fish is surprisingly easy. Any kind of fish – be it a fried, stewed or salted one – is way more healthier than, say, red meat or poultry. So why not to vary your diet with tasty and so simple dish as battered fish! Continue reading »

Balsamic Vinegar

Originated in Italy, balsamic vinegar is a condiment added to food to complement the dish as well as to enhance the flavor of the food. Since ages, balsamic vinegar has been cherished by Italians, and now has become all the rage in America. Authentic traditional balsamic vinegar is produced in Modena, in Emilia Romagna region. Continue reading »

Mint Tea

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Oven Dried Tomatoes

These oven dried tomatoes are delicious drained as an appetizer on toasted white bread or with cream cheese or ricotta cheese. Continue reading »

Chamomile Tea

This is a delicious herbal tea which has been known to help get a good night’s sleep. Continue reading »

Food Preservation with Sugar

Sugar serves both to flavor and preserve. The particular type of sugar has a significant effect on the color and flavor of the canned preserved fruits and vegetables. Continue reading »


Champagne is widely acclaimed as the wine of celebration. During the early years of its history, the wine had a royal and a religious significance. The Catholic monks, who owned most of the vineyards, considered Champagne to be the only wine worthy of being offered to God. Later, the French kings began using it for their coronation ceremonies. The king of wines, the most widely known, and the beverage accompanying celebrations, the wine for the best from the French territory of champagne. The distinctive taste and the wonderful tickle in your nose tell you that that sparkling liquid in your hand is champagne. Continue reading »

Cocktail and Bar Measurements

Because measurement is a whole lotta trouble, We use the simplest measure, the “dose” (or “part”), which means any equal part of. Also, a dash is employed within these pages to mean: “A little bit of“. Use your common sense :) Continue reading »


A Kamikaze is a popular and easy-to-make cocktail made of vodka, triple sec and lime juice. This cocktail named after the Japanese kamikaze pilots. Also it is known as Bullfrog and this is how to make it. Continue reading »

Gazpacho Salad

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The Difference Between Champagne and Sparkling Wines

First, a quick trivia. All Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. Sounds confusing? Well, let me explain. Champagne is a type of sparkling wine, and made specifically in the Champagne region, northeastern France. Continue reading »

Steamed Orange Muffins

Steamed orange muffins with a refreshing taste of a fresh orange and apricot jam. This recipe is fairly simple and quick to make. Such dish will both amuse the kids and entertain the adults. Tastes especially good when served warm. These classic steamed muffins are soft, moist and filled with orange flavour. Even without the top crust as what you can get from oven-baked cakes, steamed muffins are light and tender. Continue reading »

How to Store Wine

While considering the matter of storing wine effectively, it is important for wine lovers to remember that not all wines can age gracefully. Some wines are best drunk fresh. Most red wines taste better after a long sojourn in the dark depths of a cellar. On the contrary, few white wines need to mature. Whatever the type of wine, a brief period of rest, after bringing it home and before uncorking it, does the wine a lot of good and enhances its taste. Continue reading »

Radish and Avocado Salad

Try this fresh radish and avocado salad. Vegetarian recipe. It’s simple, yet really tasty!
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Wine Tasting

Ever seen people in eating establishments holding up their wine glasses above eye level and against the light in a concentrated gaze? How about people swirling their wine glasses constantly before and after every sip? And what about the repeated sniffing and whiffing before every drink? And the annoying gargling-like sound they make when tasting wine? These are not poor dining etiquette nor bad mannerisms. These are people in the so called ‘wine zone’ – the professional (or wannabe’s) wine drinkers. Continue reading »

The History Of Cocktails

It’s not surprising that cocktails are enjoying a renaissance of sorts, given the drink’s rich and colorful history. Mixed drinks have been made for hundreds of years, but the first printed use of the word ‘cocktail‘ appeared in a New York newspaper in 1806. Suggestion for where the word came from range from the French word for an eggcup liquor measure (“le coquetier”) to a mix of all the booze in a bar with a cock hen’s feather in the glass (“cock ale”) to the daughter of a South American ruler who presented visitors with a delicious mixed drink (Princess Xoctl). Continue reading »

Coleslaw dressing

Try this easy and delicious coleslaw dressing recipe. Your coleslaw will really wow your guests.
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This drink is originally from Isla de Pinos (Pine Island), now the Isla de la Juventud, a small island south of Havana known for its beautiful black sand beach. Ernest Hemingway lived there for many years. Today his house is a museum. Continue reading »

Sushi Rice (Sushi-meshi)

Sushi comes in a bewildering variety of forms all based on a simple idea. Sushi is flavored rice plus “something”. The something can be hundreds or thousands of different items, beautifully prepared and presented. At home, it is usually not practical to prepare so many things but try making a few items and serving them as appetizers. Cooked vinegared rice or sushi-meshi is what makes sushi sushi. Continue reading »