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Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

This sauce is a great way to use those wonderful roasted red bell peppers. Continue reading »

Spaghetti Sauce

This spaghetti sauce is thick and rich in flavor, and a hit with kids too. Continue reading »

Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese Sauce, also known as ragù alla bolognese in Italian and sauce bolognaise in French, is a meat based sauce originating in Bologna, the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy. Continue reading »

Barbecue Sauce

How would you like to make a barbecue sauce better than a grocery store. This is good, tangy, hearty, chunky sauce that you can name after yourself it you want. Continue reading »

Mashed Potatoes

Very simple and easy recipe of potato purée (mashed potatoes). Continue reading »

Microwave Mashed Potatoes

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Pork and Pineapple Salad

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Miniature Ice-Mountains

Another Chinese custom in serving peeled fruits is to sprinkle or dip them in sugar. Continue reading »

Steamed Pears

Steamed pears are another generic form of Chinese hot fruit dessert. Continue reading »

How to Cook Pasta

Cooking perfect pasta, perfezionare la pasta, Italian, means cook pasta until al dente, firm to the bite. Continue reading »

Tangy Mushroom Garlic Sauce

Tangy mushroom garlic sauce recipe is very easy to make. It is popular both in the Northern and Southern Italiy. Continue reading »

How to Cook Bananas

Americans tend to think of bananas as a healthy snack or a dessert ingredient, but bananas are terrific for any meal. Continue reading »

How to Cook Goat Meat

If you’re familiar with Spanish, Italian, French, Greek or Indian food, you may already know that goat meat makes a delicious dish. Continue reading »

Coffee percolator

A coffee percolator is a type of pot that brews coffee by pass hot water through ground coffee repeatedly. Continue reading »

Raspberry Mocha Milkshake

This Raspberry Mocha Milkshake recipe uses espresso or good quality instant coffee for a blast of coffee flavor. If you love iced, flavored lattes, this mocha milkshake recipe is a must try. Continue reading »

History of Coffee

In this article we will review the history of coffee, from its ancient discovery to the present day, and its fascinating journey through time. Continue reading »

Ricotta Crostata

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Mexican open-faced sandwiches

Open-face Mexican Sandwiches called Mollete, Continue reading »


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Glazed Fruits

The best known of these Chinese glazed fruits is Glazed Apple, which in essence consists of cut pieces of apple dipped into hot molten sugar, Continue reading »