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Mexican open-faced sandwiches

Open-face Mexican Sandwiches called Mollete, Continue reading »


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Glazed Fruits

The best known of these Chinese glazed fruits is Glazed Apple, which in essence consists of cut pieces of apple dipped into hot molten sugar, Continue reading »

Almond Jelly (Chinese Almond Tofu)

This is a quick and easy recipe of a popular Asian dessert. Chinese almond jelly is a jelly made out of finely ground almonds with milk, sweetened water and gelatine (or agar agar). Continue reading »

Spice Tea – Meghli Chai

This is a traditional drink served to visitors of a newborn baby. It is a healthy drink and enjoyed throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. Continue reading »

Lemon Ice

When hot summer hits, there’s nothing better than a refreshing and delicious Lemon Ice. Making Lemon Ice at home is super easy. Continue reading »

Curried Chicken Salad

This chicken salad with the sweet crunch of grapes is wonderfully easy and delicious. It serves a lot of people. I can’t tell you exactly how many, because I never measure the ingredients very carefully. All of the ingredient amounts are pretty forgiving, so you can use as more or less meat/fruit if you like. Also, I make this recipe with low-fat/fat free mayonnaise, yogurt and sour cream, and it turns out great. I highly recommend Hellman’s mayonnaise. Continue reading »

Strawberry Daiquiri

You will enjoy this refreshing summertime drink! Get this easy to follow cocktail recipe. Continue reading »

Healthy Pizza Vegetables

If you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you might have cut a lot of foods out of your diet. And you’ve likely found out that the more you cut something out, the more you crave it. For many, pizza is that one thing that they just can’t let go. The good news is that you don’t have to. Continue reading »


A springtime favorite, asparagus is delicious, healthful and easy to prepare. Just steam, boil or microwave until tender to enjoy sensational spears. Continue reading »

Beef Burgers with Cheese

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Paella with Chicken, Shrimp and Mussels

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Spicy Grilled Chicken

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Greek Coffee

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True Espresso making is an art. The right blend of beans, the proper grinding, the temperature of the coffee and the frothy top (crema) makes a difference. However, you can make a decent cup of Espresso right at home. An espresso coffee pot is essential. This doesn’t have to be an electric, expensive machine, the stovetop pot is excellent for producing a fine cup of Espresso. You will also need the small coffe cups used to drink Espresso, a demitasse. Continue reading »

Apple Wine

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Stuffed Tomatoes

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Easy Fruit Punch

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Strawberry Surprise Drink

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Mango Frappe

Make this quick and simple drink with fresh and fruity mango taste! Continue reading »